Nerdlush Review – “Cons and Con Artists” – With pictures!

A couple of lush nerds—wait, is that right? Well, they did come from Nerdlush. Anyway…

A couple of very cool “nerds” (Amelia Arender and Jacqueline Sherrard) came to the cast & crew screening of Con Artists. They had fun. We had fun. They asked us lots of questions that we didn’t have time to study for. Luckily, we made the movie, so we knew most of the answers. Hop on over to Nerdlush to read their review and let us know if we got it right.

Creators Yuri Boris and Tara

Boris, Yuri and Tara pose in front of the step-and-repeat at the Con Artists screening.

Shouting GRANATAAAA with Boris

Amelia Arender and Jacqueline Sherrard shouting “GRANATAAAA!!” with Boris on the red carpet.


Photos courtesy of Nerdlush. More on their site now!