Con Artists — The Movie

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Rock and Roll had THIS IS SPINAL TAP, dog shows had BEST IN SHOW, and now the everlovin’ nerd community has the new mockumentary CON ARTISTS! Enter the ridiculous and bizarre world of comic cons, voice acting, and fandom, where anything can happen (and usually does). Starring Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt with cameos from a host of geek celebs, CON ARTISTS is an affectionately satirical look behind the curtain of pop culture conventions and the craziness that ‘fame in a bubble’ can bring.

Documentary filmmaker Boris Kievsky accompanies his two ‘famous’ voice actor friends, Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt, through a year of attending the weird and wonderful world of Con Artists Titlescience-fiction/anime/comic book/fantasy conventions. Over the course of his journey, Boris learns a great deal about this world that most people don’t see, and gains insight into what it means to be famous in that little bubble. But, after setting out to capture the joy and excitement of the ‘con’, Boris inadvertently captures the dark side of the con artist lifestyle, even as he’s blinded by the promise of fame for himself.

“This movie gives a great look into what they do on a daily basis, with plenty of laughs included.”

“In the past year, I’ve taken an interest in both voice acting and the voice actors that work on the games and animation that I …

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“To view the lives (even if staged at parts!) of two inspirational figures in my life (Tara and Yuri) was something I’d like to call an honour.”

“After attending the grand online event that was Con-Con, I felt I HAD to give something back to the awesome people who had brought so …

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